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Mahbube Elahi Chowdhury

Managing Director

Welcome to Mars Solutions Limited, “Skill Champions of Bangladesh”, where your dreams are nurtured and aspirations are fulfilled. For the last ten years, we have been constantly serving the job aspirants by empowering them with skills and confidence to propel high and touch the zenith of success.

The aspiration to work in a corporate house is dreamt be many but lived by a few. The corporate houses demand skilled employees who are always updated with the recent trends.

At MARS Solutions Limited, we constantly evolve ourselves along the changing patterns of the industry. We take it upon us to enhance the skills of the young generation and make them most suitable for the ever expanding corporate sector. However, getting a job is only the beginning of a process and the corporate ladder is high and steep enough to make the rest of the journey challenging. Reaching there at the top requires confidence and persistent determination and these are some of the qualities that we imbibe in you so that you can go the extra mile.

No one can get you a job – it is “you” who earn it, it is “you” who make all the progress up the ladder. What we do is to prepare you for the industry. Our training methodology enhances the capability in you to face the challenges.

Growth is a continuous process and it comes to those who have the zeal for excellence. At MARS Solutions Limited, we will be with you in this never ending journey towards excellence. By the time you complete your training, you will not only be equipped with the necessary skills, but also with the ideal mindset to prosper.

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