Mobile Website Development

The key to any successful mobile website is the user experience.

An easy to navigate website will allow the user to make an informed decision quicker. Statistics reveal that users hardly spend a couple of seconds when they are browsing online websites. As such, we have removed the clutter and after careful research, we keep the pages simple, yet powerful. By keeping it simple, the loading time of your mobile website will decrease too.

Some websites naturally lend themselves to mobile optimization without much revision to their existing code; in this case, a website that adjusts itself in response to the device might be right for you. Other sites benefit greatly by creating a specific mobile experience with the option to view the full site, if needed. We can help you review your current website and assess your goals for mobile delivery to decide what path is right for you.

Give your business a competitive advantage with mobility solutions from MARS Solutions Ltd. Over the last decade, the increased mobile usage has led to an app revolution across the globe. Our robust custom applications delivered across technology platforms help you balance cost and add value. We let our apps do the talking.

Android App Development
Smart phones need smarter applications. With the growing reach of Android devices around the world, businesses are cashing on apps and solutions that are bound to make your customer’s life easier. MARS Solutions Ltd is the most preferred company for Android app development, with 70+ apps Android apps. Backed by an expert team of Android app developers build user-friendly apps for all versions that can be integrated across multiple platforms.

iOS App Development
The tremendous explosion in the popularity of iPhones has spawned a growing demand for beautiful, functional iOS apps. The iPhone app development market is fueled by companies that recognize the need to connect and engage customers. An iPhone app development can maximize your business exponentially. At MARS Solutions Ltd, we have been at the helm of iPhone app development since the beginning. We understand the OS and the mobile UI better than our competitors.

Windows App Development
Despite a tough competition from iPhone and Android gadgets, a Windows phone has offers great marketing opportunities. At MARS Solutions Ltd, we have a team of people with great expertise in Windows phone who have helped many clients successfully migrate their apps to newer platforms. We have a brilliant team that can fulfill the development outsourcing requirements.

Blackberry App Development
Even though the usage of Blackberry phones have shrunk significantly, there is a still a demand for well-designed apps for Blackberry. If your users are on Blackberry, you will definitely require quality apps to enhance user experience. Blackberry App development is a great tool to fuel your business, as it still has millions of users and has great security features. MARS Solutions Ltd can deliver the best user experience possible with well-designed apps for Blackberry OS.

Mobile Apps Marketing.

Mobile has changed the landscape of consumerism in a few short years by becoming our favorite tool for reading the news, watching television, communicating, socializing, shopping, making decisions, navigating…for just about everything!

As a marketer, mobile is a very powerful place for you to connect with your audience.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Since mobile is such a personal medium, it is the easiest place for marketers to make massive mistakes that will turn off a customer forever.

We’re here to help you avoid making those mistakes. Here’s what you should be looking out for and what you can learn from those who have come before you: